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Christchurch Wedding Photography Prices

Before you look at examples of my work I want you to look at my prices, because sometimes people see my work and assume I'll be too expensive.
Well what's wrong with creating great results at a reasonable price?

You can just book me to photograph your wedding for the number of hours you'd like. No expensive extras, you just get all the pictures I take to use as you'd like. This is what most couples want and they really appreciate this simple no-nonsense good value service.

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2 hours & 20 edits - $949
3 hours & 20 edits - $1099
4 hours & 20 edits - $1249
5 hours & 20 edits - $1399
6 hours & 30 edits - $1549
7 hours & 30 edits - $1699
8 hours & 30 edits - $1849
9 hours & 40 edits - $1999
10 hours & 40 edits - $2149
11 hours & 40 edits - $2299

As you can see the first 2hrs is $949. Yes that's right, not many thousands of dollars. And yes that's right, you get all the pictures, no extra costs for those. As a guide I take around 100 to 300 pictures per hour.

Not only do you get all the pictures in colour, but also the whole lot in black and white as well.

I do have minimum booking prices for Saturdays. In peak season (October to March) the minimum is $1399, any other month it's $1099.

You choose the pictures I edit and you can print my edits up to 18x12" as many times as you want.

If you want an assistant videographer, that's an extra $265.
Video editing is an optional extra.
Checkout my YouTube Channel for Edited Wedding Videos

To help you plan your special wedding day I've written this Wedding Planning Guide.

OK, so now you know what I charge you can scroll down and see some examples of my work. If you like the combination of my prices and what I do, email me asking whether I'm available for your date.

Christchurch Wedding Photography Gallery

Here are some wedding pictures. These are edited pictures.